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I am Diane Moore

My Story

I have to go back often to revisit who I am.  I do that because I am evolving.  Growing.  Changing.

Early in my young years I despised my height, my tall lanky legs and definitely my skinny stature with big boobs that always as I continued to grow so did they.

I struggled to be liked.  To fit in.  And to be perfect.  Perfect is what I always saw growing up as a child.  My mother stressed perfection in my looks.  Perfection in my home and perfection in the rearing of my children.

As I continued to figure out life, I went to college.  Joined a Sorority eventually graduated from that institution and while there met and married my first husband.

The marriage eventually dissolved.  I became a single parent of three and life continued to move on whether I was ready for it or not.

Life will and can throw us curve balls.  However, it is what we do in each season of our lives that determines who and what we want from it.

I fought hard to become the person that I am today.  I wore fake smiles.  I cried inwardly and outwardly a lot; and one day I discovered that while I did not think I was moving forward I was.   Battered, bruised and scorned I DID.

I discovered that perfection is overrated.  I do have a choice on the life that I want.  And, life will always be a continual journey. One that I look forward to each and every day.

Maximize your life – Spend it knowing and discovering every possibility……every gift……every real life situational training without regret.  Make a mark on this life that cannot be erased and never denied.  You are Great.  You Are Unique.  And you do have something to give this world that can and will only be done by Y – O- U.

I am Diane Moore

There is know one like me. 

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